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Second Round of Area Planning Public Workshops held in August

The City of Minot hosted a final series of Area Planning Public Workshops as part of the effort to update its Comprehensive Plan. The three meetings addressed five identified areas of growth in Minot: Downtown Area, Flood Impacted Neighborhoods, Southwest Growth Area, Northwest Growth Area, and the Extraterritorial Growth Area. Alternative development opportunities were available for review and input.

Topics of discussion will include future opportunities for housing, businesses, and related transportation. Alternative development concepts were provided for public review and comment.

The final open house will take place this winter.

Public Workshop Presentations

August Area Planning Public Workshop Presentation

June Area Planning Public Workshop Presentation


August 2022 Alternative Land Use Plans

Future Land Use Definitions

Steering Committee

The Plan steering committee will meet at seven key intervals during the planning process. The committee will provide decision-making guidance, help communicate with community stakeholders, review key items prior to distribution, support data gathering and ensure the Plan Update is compatible with existing plans and policies.  Steering Committee meetings are open to the public.  Stay tuned for upcoming meeting information posted on this page.